Mobile devices have conquered the world and while desktop still holds a few positions, smartphones are here to stay. Address and phone validators are vital for businesses that depend on contacting the customer for further collaboration. They are also extremely useful for marketing campaigns and seminars. They make validation possible on both desktops and mobile devices.

People tend to make mistakes. Most of them do it unconsciously while others don’t want to share their real phone numbers or addresses in return for free services. Business owners end up analyzing and processing the wrong information, which in turn costs money and robs them of the opportunity to improve their marketing efforts.

The Power of Address and Phone Validators

When you collect personal contact information, you take it for granted. Meanwhile, more than 30 % of people manage to make a mistake when typing their information into a field. The mistakes are even more common when the phone number or address are spelled out verbally. The person spelling might blunder while the person recording it may mistype. Eventually, you end up with the wrong information and no way to reach a potential or existing client.

The expenses a company may incur due to the wrong information are overwhelming.

  • Making a phone call or sending an SMS to a non-existing number may not be free, depending on the provider.
  • The time employees spend calling wrong numbers keeps them from doing the work that really matters.
  • Sending a parcel to a wrong address leads to additional shipping expenses, especially when shipping to a distant location.

Timely phone and address validation can save a business owner a substantial amount of money while improving the existing marketing campaign.

Built-in Phone and Address Validators

Some businesses, schools, and other organizations require their clients and users to fill out a variety of forms. The existence of digital forms simplified the process immensely. No more asking a person to write down the information and then manually entering it into the computer. All you have to do is create a simple form with a few tools.

Unfortunately, the appearance of easy-to-use form builders that create beautiful and simple forms didn’t reduce the number of the mistakes people make when entering their contact information.

Built-in address and phone validators can solve the problem on the spot. They reduce the workload by helping you reject the wrong applications. By using this software, you can immediately let the client or user know which mistakes need to be fixed. Meanwhile, you won’t be stuck with a useless piece of information.

Cleaning The Database

No matter what the size of your business is, it probably has a certain phone number and/or address database. If you are in business longer than a year, the database is probably outdated. People tend to change their phone numbers or even give them over to family members.

Many call center operators face a challenge of understanding whom they are really calling when a person with a different gender or age answers the phone. The validator programs allow you to do a fast cleanup of your existing database. The same is true for changing addresses.

The time you or your employees will spend checking each contact detail may be substantial. However, it can help you save much more time in the future. Just like for your email list, phone and address data hygiene is vital for keeping the business going.

Phone Validation: Easy As Pie

How does it work? The phone validators check the format of the phone number you type in against all the existing parameters in the database. If the format is correct, the tool pings the number to see if it’s active and if it can receive phone calls and text messages.

The best part about this validation is that the owner of the mobile device you are checking won’t ever know what you have done. No actual calls or messages go through to the phone number.

While checking the number, the validator can tell you whether it’s registered for business or personal use. It can help you see whether it’s a mobile device or a landline.

Address Validation: Fast and Simple

Address validators check the addresses against the existing databases. For example, for the USA, validators use USPS and UPS databases. Advanced address validators can correct the format of the address and even transliterate foreign language symbols into Latin. If the address exists, the validator will change the format to fit the template for the shipping companies not to make mistakes.

Using phone and address validators on your desktop or mobile devices can save you a lot of time and money.