The field of mobile development has been growing and evolving endlessly. AppsterHQ demonstrated that in 2012, the number of free apps downloaded was 57.33 billion. In 2017, the same number is expected to reach 253.91 billion dollars making an average of 37 free apps for every human on earth. This field has been offering the world more and more advanced and effective app tools and games to enjoy and work with through our mobile devices. Behind all the apps that we find easy to use and astonishingly effective in fulfilling our needs from them, there is a massive work in app creation and development. The methods, theories, and strategies used in app development change and get more advanced from year to year and in this article, we will explore some of the most recent trends in mobile app development. We will focus on some of this year’s trends and also app development trends to expect and follow in 2018.

IoT (Internet of Things) is one of the most important trends in app development today. The idea behind the concept is mainly getting more responsibilities and commitments taken care of through apps. Health, education, retail, and so many other daily life activities are becoming more integrated into apps. While this trend hasn’t reached full success, it is growing and developing very fast especially with the efforts and strategies implemented by the giants of the field such as Apple and Google to further implement this trend and work more on it. The release of Android Things by Google and the development of the Apple Watch and its apps are more than enough proof to demonstrate the future of IoT and how influential apps will be in our daily life. Apiumhub explained that there are unprecedented efforts in developing Artificial Intelligence AI within the apps to increase their capabilities and respond to the needs of app users. Artificial Intelligence is expected to be more implemented and developed in apps. Apiumhub expect that “AI will provide business users access to powerful insights never before available to them”.

Another revolutionary app development trend that we have been seeing and which is expected to grow and develop more is the Chatbots trend. After Facebook opened its platform to third-party chatbots and with the success of this move, app enthusiasts are expecting more emphasis and more concentration on the development of Chatbots in their own apps and the efforts to do this have started. The uses of these Chatbots are various and many. This kind of apps can assist the user in shopping, managing their calendars, reading the most recent news, and many other tasks to make using the mobile phone easier than ever before.

Cross Platform Mobile App Development Experts have been projecting that with the super-fast development of mobile hardware and the efforts that have been put in the field of mobile app development, we can expect to have apps taking more charge and having more influence on our daily life. Apps now are expected to have a greater role in our businesses, communication, and daily life responsibilities.