The continuous growth of the technological field has been contributing to business on many levels and in many ways. The technological advances the world has been seeing created many business solutions. These solutions helped in the implementation of more productive strategies and work policies. In this article, we will explore 3 ways that demonstrate how technology has been changing business. We will also explore how technology created new paths and made new methods and strategies possible.

Cloud Computing

Through cloud computing, it is now possible to move an important part of their operations to the web.  Cloud Computing technologies provided a complete IT infrastructure for different needs and purposes. This IT infrastructure included all the necessary elements such as network, storage, servers, and virtual machines.

Cloud Computing is available in 3 major kinds of clouds: public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Each kind helped in a certain kind of business operations to facilitate the work and productivity of these businesses. They have also offered more security and reliability to these professionals’ files and online activities. Microsoft is one of the leader companies in Cloud Computing solutions. The company offers many different plans to meet the needs of businesses and professionals.

However cloud migration is a very complex process and requires a thorough well-planned strategy. ‘When migrating your workloads and applications to the cloud it is important to have a clear picture of where are you going, how are you going to get there and what goals you want to achieve’, says cloud migration expert from Ottawa BedRock IT services provider. And he is absolutely right. Before you embark on a cloud journey, ensure that you have a thorough strategy to avoid any disruptions and errors which can result in additional spend.

Networking and Social Media

Social media has been influencing the whole world and almost all categories of people. The business world is not an exception. Businesses now rely heavily on social media for many of their operations. We will explore 2 examples. The first is about networking while the second tackles the marketing efforts of these companies.

Social media made meetings and group work easier. Partners on different continents no longer need to meet face to face or spend hours on the phone barely communicating. Social media made it possible for them to start a Skype meeting or Google Hangout. The service seems simple but it has been of huge importance. Video calls solved many struggles businessmen used to have with international meetings. That’s why today developers are working more on apps destined specifically for business communication. The second example we will explore is the new marketing strategies that the internet made possible. The growth of social media made businesses focus more on their online presence. This focus on online marketing is one of the factors that make Mark Zuckerberg one of the wealthiest men on earth.

Mobile Solutions

Technological advances have concentrated on the importance of having a mobile device that will make everything possible for its user. Businesses profited from the positive development that technology offered through mobile solutions. Today, people can enjoy the services or products offered by businesses all over the world using their phones. That’s why many businesses focus their marketing efforts on mobile devices. They aim at having more presence in the most visited and used mobile applications. Businesses even developed their own applications to get the maximum profit from all the possibilities mobile solutions offer.