Month: February 2018

Looking Into The Future: Mobile Apps & Blockchain Development

Cryptocurrencies seem to have permanently settled in the headlines. The bitcoin rate is breaking records faster than athletes at the Olympics. The number of people in the world, who haven’t heard of the new hype, is becoming smaller every day. While regular cryptocurrency users are choosing the best crypto-wallets and looking for ways to earn more money, entrepreneurs and developers are inventing new ways to use blockchain technology. Today the various advantages of blockchain are becoming more and more obvious. From blockchain lotteries to safe banking, cryptocurrencies are definitely here to stay. What Is Blockchain? The blockchain is a technology that allows storing records and/or transactions using a system of distributed ledgers. Every link involved in the blockchain holds its own copy of the information. The data is stored in a chronological order. It’s virtually impossible to change thus eliminating the fraud factor. The information on the ledgers is available to the public. The most famous blockchain is the one used for bitcoin. However, there are many of them all over the world. Some experts are contemplating the bubble nature of the bitcoin. While users hope it doesn’t burst anytime soon, some predict its nearest failure. In any case, even if bitcoin won’t realize the expectations of its fans, blockchain technology is not going anywhere. The number of cryptocurrencies is growing. The transparency and lack of geographical connection makes...

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The Digital Transformation of the Business World: 3 Ways Technology is Changing Business

The continuous growth of the technological field has been contributing to business on many levels and in many ways. The technological advances the world has been seeing created many business solutions. These solutions helped in the implementation of more productive strategies and work policies. In this article, we will explore 3 ways that demonstrate how technology has been changing business. We will also explore how technology created new paths and made new methods and strategies possible. Cloud Computing Through cloud computing, it is now possible to move an important part of their operations to the web.  Cloud Computing technologies provided a complete IT infrastructure for different needs and purposes. This IT infrastructure included all the necessary elements such as network, storage, servers, and virtual machines. Cloud Computing is available in 3 major kinds of clouds: public clouds, private clouds and hybrid clouds. Each kind helped in a certain kind of business operations to facilitate the work and productivity of these businesses. They have also offered more security and reliability to these professionals’ files and online activities. Microsoft is one of the leader companies in Cloud Computing solutions. The company offers many different plans to meet the needs of businesses and professionals. However cloud migration is a very complex process and requires a thorough well-planned strategy. ‘When migrating your workloads and applications to the cloud it is important to have...

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